Kobus du Plessis

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"Kobus’s body knowledge, soft tissue and physical rehabilitation experience, as well as training know-how is world class."

"His attention to detail and care when dealing with me, was unprecedented in my 14yrs as a professional sportsman."

"Kobus will set the new benchmark when it comes to correcting functional impairment, the rehabilitation of the injured, or enhance the performance of an athlete."

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The Success of my Approach

Whether you are a corporate executive, computer analyst, or professional sports person, your fundamental movement needs are specie specific and not activity specific. The key to movement efficiency in whichever arena you move, is movement balance. Our bodies are designed to move in harmony, with every part working in synergy with the whole to create efficient and economic movement patterns.

However, due to previous injury, poor postural habits, unbalanced training programs, over-training or lifestyle stressors (see Conerstones of Well-being), our bodies develop adhesion or fibrosis in those myofascial tissue which are chronically overworked. These weakened or shortened fibers then result in an imbalance between stability and mobility around the adjacent joint. This forces the body into adopting compromised movement patterns, which may also lead to developing left-right asymmetry. The longer the body is forced to function under this state of compromised alignment, impaired neural communication and inauthentic stabilization, the bigger the overuse is on parts that are now doing a job they were not designed to do, leading to strain, suboptimal performance, chronic pain, or eventually injury.

At Movement & Performance we make use of the latest perspective on movement as  practiced by the world's leading authorities in Sports Training and Rehabilitation in the USA. Foundational to this approach of holistic evaluation of movement patterns, are the Functional Movement Screen and SFMA, which I use to accurately identify weak links causative of poor performance, chronic pain, and recurring injury. Based on this functional scientific evaluation, a systematic individual specific corrective program is then implemented to recover the underlying causes of movement imbalance or pain, recover functionality, and prevent future injury.

Whoever you are, I would love to partner with you on this rewarding journey of recovering the joys of Efficient Movement!