You are made up of a phenomenally coordinated matrix of various physical systems, a soul and a spiritual potential. The physical parts of you consist of the following and more: a skeletal system, a neuromuscular system, a fascial matrix, joints and ligaments, a digestive system, a cardiovascular system, an endocrine system. Most extraordinary is that all of these systems are designed to function in sync with the whole. Furthermore, this intricate coordination is not only limited to the physical matrix, but your soul and spirit are also linked to the physical body in ways that are being recognized more and more. Due to the lack of holistic science, we are however still only recognizing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding the true reality of this integrated phenomenon.

Bottom-line, you are much more than molecules in motion! Since you function as an integrated whole, optimal living or performance will always be a product of the degree of balance you experience in each human domain. A weakness in any one of these areas calls forth a compensatory activity, which compromises your performance potential.

As a functional definition, I’ve categorized the various elements that compromises our holistic nature into 4 cornerstones. Each of these elements need to be maintained in balance if we are to experience optimal living or performance.

The 4 cornerstones are: balanced nutrition, balanced movement, balanced recovery, and a balanced mind & spirit. Each of these cornerstones encapsulate a number of habits, as explained in subheadings to this page. Also, if you look closely you’ll recognize a synergy of the Fundamental Principles in each of these cornerstones