The Course Module further includes:

  • Fundamental principles and philosophy of movement and corrective training;
  • Functional movement evaluation, scoring and interpretation of results;
  • First level corrective strategies for movement dysfunctions;
  • Practical demonstration of the systematic movement corrective process.

You will be provided with a course module, as well as refreshments, snacks and lunch.

Participants will also receive a 15% Discount Voucher to FMS Online certification!

About the Course Presenter:

Kobus du Plessis is certified with Functional Movement Systems, and has 10 years experience of using the FMS. He has helped a multitude of sportsmen, at professional and amateur level, to overcome recurring injury, chronic pain and to achieve optimal performance. He is passionate about sharing his experience of the last decade as movement specialist, so that more people can benefit from this new perspective.

You will be assessed on the last day for a certificate of merit, which is included in your

course fees. This course is REPSSA approved, and you will earn 10 CPD Points on completion.

This 2 day intensive and practical course will teach you of the difference in Anatomical Science and Functional Science, and how to appraise movement from a holistic perspective. It will further equip you with understanding of the relationship between movement dysfunction, compromised movement efficiency, chronic pain and injury.

The course is aimed at Sports Conditioning & Personal Trainers, Biokineticists, Physical Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists. The emphasize will be on quality over quantity,
teaching specialized skills to those aiming for excellence.

Movement Integrity

The course will teach you about the new perspective on movement as is practiced by the world's leading authorities in Sports Performance Training and Rehabilitation in the USA, Gray Cook, Dr Greg Rose, Dr Lee Burton, etc. You will be shown why quality movement patterns are fundamental to optimal performance & injury prevention. This is the future of individualized training - if you desire to be a leader in your field, this course is definitely for you!

Courses Offered

Barbara Hage

Overall Rating of Course: 9/10

"I liked the practical part of the course. Also that we were a small group."

"I really enjoyed the course, and would be very interested in doing the advanced course."

Conor O'Sullivan

Overall Rating of Course: 8/10

"Better insight into what the FMS is all about, where it came from and how it can be used to individually tailor client programs [and] the screen is appplied for programing rehab/ corrections."

Elizabeth Imrie

Overall Rating of Course: 10/10

"The practical part of the course was the best. Being able to practice doing the assessment and doing the stretches really helps with the learning process and makes things more understandable."

Kelly Jarvis

Overall Rating of Course: 8/10

"I liked the fact that it was a relaxed/comfortable environment, and that all questions and comments were welcomed and attended to very respectfully."

"Thanks again for sharing your passion!"

Previous Course held in Cape Town, July 2015

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