Everybody ends up somewhere in life – only a few people end up somewhere on purpose, said Andy Stanley in his book Visionering. Those are the persons who realise that “the choices I make today, will determine who I become tomorrow”. Once you realise this incredible power you’ve been given over the outcome of your life, you begin to understand why it’s important to base your choices on solid values and principles, and not to leave it all up to chance.

The more we know the true self, settle the issues of inward conflict, and feel a sense of peace, the more potential we have for mental focus and emotional stability. For this reason spiritual power and mental focus goes together like figure and ground: being spiritually awakened provides us with the motive and potential to have sustainable success in the battle of the mind.

As an holistically integrated being, every thought and emotional feeling you have has a carry-over effect on the other domains of what makes you who you are. Although we still only know the tip of the iceberg regarding the effect our thoughts have on our physical health, there is enough research available to indicate a strong connection between body, mind and spirit. Thoughts of anger, bitterness, hatred, jealousy, worry, fear, etc, are all loaded with negative emotional energy. And as with any created energy, negative energy has to go somewhere and ends up manifesting itself in the body. When these thoughts turn into habitual patterns of thinking, the finely tuned endocrine, digestive and neurological systems (amongst others), are forced out of balance.

In a similar way, positive thoughts and a peaceful spirit, has a stimulating effect on the body and all its systems. The performance enhancing effects of mental and emotional control has been well documented in Sport Psychology. For an athlete to achieve his peak performance state, he needs to be emotionally stable, and in control of his thoughts. This is however not something that can be done for game time only, as it takes practice to create the habits of mental relaxation and focus. Similarly, since emotions are an outflow of thoughts, emotional stability is a product of regular healthy thought patterns.

"You don´t have a soul. You are a soul.

You have a body..."


Mental focus & Spiritual power

Imagine you’ve lost everything in life… What would be the last of your human freedoms? Victor Frankl, a Jewish psychologist who struggled for survival in Nazi concentration camps, said everything can be taken from a man, except the freedom to choose his attitude. No matter what we experience, we always have the freedom to choose our response… Looking at the word responsibility, we find it made up of “response + ability”. As human beings we have the ability to choose our response to any stimulus, and ultimately to life. If we recognize this responsibility we don’t blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for our behavior. If we practice this freedom, our behavior becomes a product of our choices – based on values, rather than our conditions – based on feelings.

In Christianity this practice is defined by Paul as seeking to “live by the Spirit”, as opposed to being enslaved by the desires of the sinful nature (Gal. 5). This is central to the gospel message of regeneration that happens through Jesus Christ. Maybe your motivation lies in the teachings of another religion.

Whichever principles give meaning to your life, key to spiritual power is:

  • Identifying and honouring the core values and principles that allows you to transcend your physical nature.
  • Regularly analysing your motives, and realigning yourself with a purpose higher than your selfish needs.
  • Investing in your leadership skills, as you are the ‘captain of your ship’. Spend regular time on Personal Development, by reading uplifting/ inspiring material, learning new skills, and disciplining yourself with adopting better habits.
  • Writing a mission statement for your life – who is it you want to become? Reviewing your mission statement regularly, reminds you of your core values.