October 2015 - November 2016

I suffered from chronic pain in my ankles, hips, right hand and shoulder, for about two years. At the end of 2015 I seeked medical help and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Since then I was taking chronic medication to control my pain levels, unaware of all the negative consequences that would result from this.

I became inactive (due to pain) and experienced no tangible relief from the heap of pills I was taking. I have a very physical occupation, and my compromised health and functionality made my job more and more challenging by the day.

Now dealing with constant pain in my early 40s, my work with Kobus has been the most holistic, individualised approach to getting to the real causes of pain and dysfunction in my body. Kobus is one of only a handful of physical therapists/trainers in South Africa steeped in Gray Cook’s Functional Movement Systems (FMS). The FMS approach is focussed on the use of objective movement standards to proactively identify an individual's injury risk, and improve durability and performance for one's chosen activity. Alternatively if you have been injured, it serves to facilitate the optimum recovery path to full functionality.

November 2015 - June 2017

significantly reduced. I no longer have to wake up 30 minutes earlier every morning to do stretching that will help me make it through the working day.

I use to also have chronic pain in my one wrist (from injury) and both knees for several years. As a result of Kobus' “fix the cause rather than treat the symptom” approach, the pain in my wrist and knees has completely vanished. Also, with his guidance on my specific dietary and supplemental needs, the adjustements I've made has led to dramatic improvement in my energy levels and overall sense of well-being!

What I've learned from this journey is that if you don't address the root cause of your pain, your body will continue to move in a compromised way, which leads to... even MORE PAIN! If you feel bad now, imagine how you'll feel 10 years from now. Break the cycle. Fix the cause. Let Kobus help you. Treatment and training with Kobus is an absolute investment in my future health, and I'd recommend it to anyone with chronic pain or compromised movement from injury.

At the beginning of 2017 I started with Kobus. His holistic approach, knowledge, and positive attitude changed my perceptions completely. After about 3 months of his system of work, I was able to give up ALL the medication. Today, 9 months since we started, I feel better than ever! I had to change my eating habits, and work through lots of emotional and physical pain to feel as healthy as I do today. Kobus also helped me to identify and change a few work and lifestyle habits which perpetuated my condition.

Kobus's therapy and exercise is a winning combination. His encouraging and comforting manner is unique, and he shows interest in every aspect of your health. I can say with conviction that I have regained my functionality, and most importantly, that I now enjoy to move.

 February - December 2017

I was a martial artist, and am now an avid surfer, yoga practitioner, and more recently kettlebell enthusiast. I have worked with many physical therapists in different countries over the years owing to various injuries in my early 20s, and subsequent operations in my late 30s, which mainly focussed on addressing the symptoms.

 Paul Solomons

Professional Football Player

I wish I had come across Kobus, and the FMS, when I was at the start of my sporting, health and fitness journey. I'm certain that many of the physical problems I've subsequently had to face would have been minimised or prevented if I had someone of Kobus’ level of professionalism and experience working with me.

Kobus’s body knowledge, soft tissue and physical rehabilitation experience, as well as training know-how is world class. I know with Kobus that I'm on the right path towards returning my body to good physical condition and achieving my sporting, health and fitness goals, with his objective eye monitoring my progress and his commitment to my physical recovery and well-being.

 Rini Harrington

After 10 years of systematically wrecking my body in the gym with sloppy technique, I injured my back badly enough to stop me from training completely. 3 years later, after countless doctor visits, an MRI scan, 6 different physios, Pilates classes and even some alternative medicine treatments, I was still no closer to recovery.

I then came across Functional Movement Systems and Kobus. As a result of the progressive increase in my mobility through soft tissue work, and systematically addressing my lack of stability and compromised movement patterns, my daily levels of back-pain have been

 Steven Gouws 

process, at times so bad that I had to quit exercise for weeks.

I was lucky enough to meet Kobus at the start of 2015. After he did a Functional Movement Screen and some SFMA testing on me, it was apparent that I had numerous movement dysfunctions or limitations. In three months time Kobus has helped me to make drastic improvements to many problematic areas. I can live normally again without chronic pain in my back and knee. I'm not fully recovered from the years of compensation my body has been through, but I'm gaining strength and flexibility on a weekly basis.

Beyond the obvious advantages of the corrective system Kobus uses, he deeply cares for the people he works with and is absolutely dedicated to resolving any dysfunctions one may have. Kobus also helped me to overcome the Gastroesophageal reflux I struggled with before (I was diagnosed with GERD). With dramatic improvements in my digestive health, I have therefore experienced improvements in my overall well-being.

March 2015 - February 2016

I'm a 39 year old software developer with a high work load and extreme amounts of time in front of my computer. After gaining a lot of weight and serious chronic back pain, I decided in December 2013 to make some changes to my lifestyle and hit the gym to loose weight. With a rigorous training routine I quickly lost weight and improved my back problems. However, after 8 months of this exercise routine, my back problems returned. I also developed bad knee problems in the

 Don Schoeman 

In the time with Kobus I've been able to recover my strength balance, and no longer have pain in my knee. There has also been a lot of improvements in my rugby performance: I have a much better posture when going into contact, into tackles and into the scrum. My strength in the scrum has improved a lot, and I feel much quicker with more agility. My passing skills and reaction time has also improved.

I am truly very happy about my progression and would like to thank Kobus and his team.

When I started training with Kobus (at age 19) I was very over-weight, and struggled with chronic pain in my knee. I was unbalanced in that my left side was much stronger than my right.

August 2009 - November 2012

 Tomas Gilardon Paz 

 Rugby Player, San Isidro Club & Argentina Jaguars,

 Buenos Aires, Argentina & numerous Professional

 Clubs in Europe

team, not only did I fully recover my physical condition, but with his special system I now have more power and endurance I ever had. I am 51 years old and have won a few mountain bike races for my age group over the last few years, and continue to feel stronger. Most importantly, I have not injured myself again.

September 2008 - February 2013

 Eric Lienhard 

 Triathlete, Buenos Aires, Argentina 

After 25 years of competitive triathlon and a few operations in between, my body said no more! I reached a point where I could no longer compete and almost couldn't train - my body was in pain from walking even.

I got to know Kobus and started with his treatment and was recovering slowly at first, but after 3 months the difference was striking. Today, after 3 years with Kobus and his

I was recommended to come see Kobus by a friend of mine, because I struggled with a very bad pain in my left knee and couldn't find any way to resolve it. Many doctors whom I consulted told me the best thing I could do was to have surgery, but the truth is I was not very sure about that.

Kobus' way of understanding injuries and his manner of training, helped me to be more responsible and focussed in my training. Above all, he made me aware of working on my individual weaknesses.

I am very happy for what Kobus helped me with, as I was able to get rid of my knee pain (without surgery!), and returned to playing with improved strength, power and speed. I've continued to train with him because he's helped me to enjoy the game again as I did in my junior years, and I don't miss as much playing time due to injury as before.

October 2011 - February 2013

 Santiago Casado

 Rugby Player, Newman Club, Buenos Aires, Argentina


April - June 2014

December 2013 - February 2014

My history of injuries includes a shattered anterior cruciate ligament of the left knee (1985), spine and neck injuries as a result of another car accident (1997), torn meniscus surgery of the left knee (May 2011), torn same anterior cruciate ligament during exercise (October 2011), torn same meniscus (April 2012) – it was completely removed, torn anterior cruciate ligament of same knee again during exercise (June 2012). Throughout this period I trusted the expertise knowledge of the surgeons who performed my surgery and sought the guidance of physio therapists to rehabilitate my knee. I diligently followed their advice and used their training methods, but I always experienced a set back along the way.

In the mere three months that Kobus and I worked together I've experienced an incredible transformation in so many ways. The pain I experienced throughout my body has dissipated significantly, and I no longer favor my right side to carry all my weight. Muscle tone has developed once again, particularly in the gluteas and quadriceps of the left leg, providing the necessary support to the knee. I have in fact noted an improvement in my overall well-being, also from an emotional and spiritual point of view.  

Although I'm only 50 years old, I was scheduled to have a total knee replacement surgery on the 23rd of January, as surgeons believed there was nothing else that could be done to improve my situation, or curb the relentless pain. Needless to say, it was an immense relief for my family when I cancel the surgery in early January due to the great progress with Kobus.

I've found Kobus to be the consummate professional and an extremely knowledgeable and intelligent individual. He has the most caring quality, genuinely desiring to improve the overall well-being of others. Coupled with his unique methods, I firmly believe Kobus will set the new benchmark when it comes to correcting functional impairment, the rehabilitation of the injured, or enhance the performance of an athlete. Kobus, I will be forever grateful, and so too my family!

                                                                 Grant Livesey 

Professional Football Player

 Nathan Paulse

It was the latter stage of 2013 when Kobus and I crossed paths at my local gym here in Knysna, South Africa. I asked if he would be willing to complete an assessment on me so we could establish the ‘damage’ that had been done to my body overall, having undergone many surgeries over the years.  

Working with Kobus for 3 months was an absolute pleasure and an education in itself, as his attention to detail and care when dealing with me, was unprecedented in my 14yrs as a professional sportsman. Going the extra mile is an understatement when describing how Kobus works.   Results obtained from working with him include: complete recovery of my injury, increased range of motion in my ankles, major increase in flexibility throughout my entire body especially back and mid section, strength gains in key areas responsible for balance and swift movement on the football field, and an improvement in my movement mechanics, i.e. running technique.


I wish Kobus nothing but the best, as he gave me nothing but his best. The saying, Quality over Quantity will always stick with me, thanks to Kobus Du Plessis.

I sustained a serious hamstring tendon injury while playing for Ajax Cape Town Football club, for which I had to undergo surgery in March 2014. I began working with Kobus in April to rehabilitate the above mentioned injury, as well as recover from a few movement imbalances that were related to the cause of my injury.I have a history of ankle sprains which particularly resulted in me having limited range of motion in the ankles.