Movement Integrity Course

Functional Science meets Ancient Wisdom

This course will introduce you to the new perspective on Movement as practiced by the world's leading authorities in Corrective Exercise, Performance Training and Rehabilitation. You will be equipped with functional movement wisdom that is essential for understanding movement dysfunction, chronic pain and injury, as well as for developing sustainable performance.


You'll learn about the difference between Anatomical Science and Functional Science, and why a focus on movement pattern quality rather than isolated joint/muscle function, is key to the proactive intervention of injury, addressing causes of pain and injury and facilitation of optimal performance.


In this 2 day intensive and practical course, Kobus will further teach you of the Fundamentals for Movement Integrity, the universal Principles of Movement, as well as share secrets of Corrective Exercise Programming from his rich experience as Movement Specialist.


An overview of using the FMS as a means for a functional baseline to all pre-conditioning and post rehabilitation programming will be provided, with a detailed look at the 2 Mobility patterns (Shoulder Mobility and the Active Straight Leg Raise). The practical part of the course will teach exclusive correctives for common movement dysfunctions/limitations, as well as demonstrate the whole corrective path with specific interventions for two Movement Patterns.

The course is aimed to benefit Physical/ Physiotherapists, Sports Massage Therapists, Chiropractors, Body Workers, Biokineticists, and Sports-, or Movement Trainers. Any clinician or fitness professional hungry to learn more about the latest in Functional Movement Science, and advance their knowledge of faulty movement patterns and corrective exercise.


This is the future of individualized training and rehabilitation. If you strive towards excellence in your practice this course is for you!

Next Course: 9 - 10 November 2019, 09h00 to 16h00

Venue: Lectureworx, Off Nicol Health & Wellness, 1 Longford Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Cost: R3 015 (Early Bird Price) - Includes the Course Manual, Refreshments & Lunch, plus FMS Level 1 Discount Voucher (worth R925!).

CPD Points: 12 CEU's

"This is the future of individualized training and rehabilitation."

Learn how to correct dysfunctional movement patterns causative of chronic pain

and injury.

About the Presenter:

Kobus du Plessis is a 46 year old Movement Specialist. He is FMS Level 2 Certified, with over 12 years experience of offering advanced corrective solutions for movement dysfunction causative of recurring injury, chronic pain or a lack of well-being. More about the presenter.