Personal Functional Training

Would you like to work with a professional who can help you improve your movement quality, functional ability, as well as overall health and well-being? That is exactly what we help clients achieve at Movement & Performance, and more. With our strong emphasize on screening/assessment, your training program will always be build around your specific movement needs, not the other way around.


Sure, it's common to hear the term "individualized training" when talking to fitness professionals. What this generally means is that your training program will be made up of a set of exercise choices that is most likely to help you achieve a certain look, or fitness goal. However, to draw a map for any trip, knowing where you want to go is only half of the information needed – of similar importance is knowing your starting point. A training program not based on objective measurement of your functional competency, will force further compensation due to the imbalances you already have, eventually leading to overuse, pain and injury. Read more about this concept here.


Central to our approach to exercise is the principle of the whole being greater than the sum of it's parts. We therefore do not train parts, but whole movement patterns, in such a way that we develop your functional ability and movement integrity. I achieve this by creating rich motor learning experiences through exercise choices that requires complete focus, and take you right to the edge of your ability to control movement quality, but not beyond. 


Many clients who originally come to see me with chronic pain, continue to train with us long after their original pain/problem has been resolved. The reason for this is that they've learned to appreciate the value of the most individualized form of personal training on this planet.